We thank God that after three years again we have got the opportunity to give a stall at Ekushey Book Fair. It is a national book fair of Bangladesh. About 200,000 to 400,000 visitors (Depends on working and holidays) visited the stall every day. It was a place where people could get the Scripture  people they do not know where they can get Scriptures but from this fair they know BBS and also collect Scriptures, which they looked for. Many people including Christians have purchased Scriptures from this fair and were blessed. The BBS took the opportunity to distribute the Word of God through their selections and also by providing Scriptures.

Under this project the BBS also trying to reach as many as they can. Through this project the BBS GS Rev. Shourabh Pholia preached at the Helmel Sova ( Fellowship Revival Meeting) at Rajshahi Deanery of the Church of Bangladesh where about 3,000 to 4,000 people came together for the revival meeting and for jubilee year of the St. Barnaba’s Church at Paitapukur, Rajshahi. The GS also preached at the revival meeting held at Dhandoba, Barisal, where 2,000 to 3,000 people attended and they were encouraged by the Word of God and the BBS provided Scriptures to many through their Book Stall.

A Window to Scripture Engagement for Underprivileged Rural Believers

Through this project  Bangladesh Bible Society will supply dramatized FCBH Audio Bibles called “Proclaimers” along with the Bengali CLV, MBCL and OV, Santali and Garo New Testament to 500 listening groups from churches in Bangladesh during the year 2016. This will be distributed in the respective churches, hostels or orphanages by 4 colporteurs and through volunteers. Each of them will also be on the lookout for 10 more churches showing a willingness to use this method. The Proclaimer will be used for about one hour once a week which would take a year to complete listening to the entire New Testament. The facilitators will collect reports, testimonies, comments, suggestions and photos along the process.

Target Audience: Mainly Rural Believers of churches in Bangladesh.

Literacy Skill Development Project for the Underprivileged

The Bangladesh Bible Society has set a goal to reach non-literates with the Word of God through Advance Literacy Courses so that people from the rural areas of Bangladesh have the opportunity to read, write, listen and interact with the Word of God.

In every literacy group, about 20-25 participants will meet for one hour a day, five days a week.  These classes are run by facilitators of the rural church of each denomination and the materials will be supplied by the Bible Society staff (Literacy Supervisors).

Audience: The low literates or non literates in Bangladesh.  There are hundreds of them especially in remote areas.  They are poor and need our help.


The Bangladesh Bible Society likes to reach out to the Mothers of Bangladesh who are the root of each family. They are the majority of the local Church attendance. We like to be with them to help them to grow spiritually so that they may become a resource person for their children and also for the whole family.

If a mother is literate and spiritually mature her children and family also will be literate and spiritually mature. Therefore, to reach out to them we work along with our partners they are the local churches. We organize 10-15 “One day Mothers Seminar for Good News” with the churches and we distribute specific Scriptures and other supporting materials at 75% discount price. Because, these mothers are from economically poor background and they live in rural areas.

Audience: Mothers of all ages from all denominations who are living in rural areas. Don’t have enough opportunity to develop their spiritual awareness and also do not have their own Scriptures in their families but want to have at least one in their family for daily reading but have no money to pay for it.  So, we like to reach to those mothers with the Word of God to provide them for them and also for their own families.


Bangladesh Bible Society has been working in close association with local Churches and Para-church organizations that are involve for evangelical activities to all possible ways. They share the Word of God and also like to provide Scriptures to them who are in need of Scripture. They also need support to provide the Scripture. Therefore, there is a great need of Scripture for many mothers here in Bangladesh with subsidized price, as they cannot purchase them with actual price as they live hand to mouth. So, the BBS with the help of many believers and faithful partners bearing the amount of subsidy to provide Scriptures to them who need them for their lives. Through these Scriptures many lives have been transformed and many have accepted Christ. Church attendance have increased, children having good spiritual foundation from their mothers and also family relationship have been strengthened.

Audience: The target audience are the  people which are the majority (88%) people of this country, but there are many other people they don’t have faith and have not heard the Good News. They are the People without Scriptures.


This project is mainly to provide Scripture for poor rural believers belonging to churches spread throughout the country. Most mushrooming churches are situated in remote areas of the country and are often small and poor. A number of new believers who join these churches are from other faith backgrounds and they desperately need Scriptures to make their faith stronger. The Bible Society wants to serve such believers from all denominations by providing those Scriptures. Through this project BBS will get tremendous opportunity to serve people who are in need of Scripture. The Bible Society intends to prepare the Churches and all to be ready for Jesus’ Second coming.

Audience: “People of Faith but without Scripture”, mostly the poor and needy believers, living in rural areas.


Through Translation Department we are Translating Bibles in different languages. They are:

Bengali: We are happy to release OV (old version), SBCL(Standard Bengali Common Language).
The Revision work for OV translation and SBCL is in progress. A new version namely COV (Common Old Version) work is going on. We are working for a Bengali Study Bible.

Except these Translations in Bangla we are preparing Daily Devotional Book “Manna”, Helpful Resource for Easter, Resources for Youth and Children.

Garo (Abeng): Garo (Abeng) New Testament has been released. Translation of Old Testament is in progress.
Santali: New Testament in Santali Language has been released. Translation of Old Testament is going on.
Chakma: Translation work for Old Testament and New Testament in Chakma Language is in progress.
Marma:Translation work for Gospel in Marma language is going on.


By having literacy I have received my rights of living and sharing

The project is aimed to provide services to 10000 people of 10 villages and 50 churches by 10 libraries for six years. The project will help the people who are mostly unable to get access to Bible and other Christian literature for all Christian children to use. Through this program People will grow in their faith including the secret believers and new believers and Children will grow in Christian values. More over the activities will help to develop the capacity of the children, youth, men and women, church leaders especially the Pastors and children will gain knowledge and will be able to continue their religious study.

Children, Youth, Pastors and people of other faith in 10 district areas.