Through this project, the Bangladesh Bible Society along with local partners aims to equip school children and young people studying in colleges as People of Christ so that they may become the Living Message, who will pass it to the people of their generation and to their next generations. We intend to do this by (a) organizing 20-30 “One Day Bible Seminars” across the country and in various denominations; (b) distributing Scripture materials as well as other supporting materials at 50 -75% discount price. These children/students are mostly poor, coming from rural areas, with genuine need and good scope for an investment.

Audience: Children/Students of all ages who – predominantly live in village areas; don’t have a personal Bible; long for a Bible but don’t have the ability to buy one; do not have any supporting material for Scripture; do not have habit of reading good books with all denominations in Bangladesh.


The project is aimed to provide services to 10000 people of 10 villages and 50 churches by 10 libraries for six years. The project will help the people who are mostly unable to get access to Bible and other Christian literature for all Christian children to use. Through this program People will grow in their faith including the secret believers and new believers and Children will grow in Christian values. More over the activities will help to develop the capacity of the children, youth, men and women, church leaders especially the Pastors and children will gain knowledge and will be able to continue their religious study.

Audience: Children, Youth, Pastors and people of other faith in 10 district areas.